Thursday, September 15, 2016

FAQs for Educamp & Life in UTP

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) - Educamp UTP

1) What tests should you do?

There are three tests that you should do:

a) CSPQ ( Cambridge Personal Styles Questionnaire ) - measure non-cognitive skills ( cooperation, collaboration & willingness to remain committed ).

b) TSA ( Thinking Skills Assessment ) - critical thinking and problem solving questions. Please bring your own calculator.

c) VCA / Interview session - could be in individual or group.

If it is an individual interview, like me, the interviewer asked more about ourselves. For example; Introduce yourself, why you choose this course, what you know about this course and so on.
But now, tak boleh expect sangat, kadang2 dia ada bagi case study and suruh kita ellaborate about that case study tu. 

If it is a group interview, the interviewer will give a case study, and kena ellaborate case study in group. Time ni, you guys kena tunjuk your communication skill, what you know about that case and please don't be quiet. 

Actually for VCA test ni, interviewer nak tengok our communication skills je, the way we talk and so on. Kalau boleh, time interview tu, don't be rude, cakap biar sopan, behave dan jangan senyap je tau.
And interview in English.

Korang boleh refer documents yang korang kena download, dalam tu ada semua berkaitan dengan Educamp tests, apa yang korang kena bawa and so on. 

2) How long the result for Educamp?

More or less than a month. Always check UTP website,

3) Flow educamp

First, ada briefing session with the candidates and their parents also. 

Then candidates akan pergi ke lab yang disediakan untuk jawab 2 tests (CSPQ & TSA) dan sesi interview (VCA).

If you guys are in morning session, it will end around 12 am. And if you guys are in afternoon session, it will end at 6 pm.

4) Semester in UTP

If you guys applied for Mac intake, your Educamp will be around January or February. And if you guys are successful, you will enroll UTP in Mac. This intake is for foundation.

If you guys applied for May intake, your Educamp will be around April. And if you guys are successful, you will enroll UTP in May. This intake is for undergraduate.

If you guys applied for July intake, your Educamp will be around June. And if you guys are successful, you will enroll UTP in July. This intake is for foundation.

If you guys applied for September intake, your Educamp will be around July/August. And if you guys are successful, you will enroll UTP in September. This intake is for undergraduate.

It might be changed due to time being. For any additional information, you can check UTP official websites

5) Fees

For fees, you have to apply by yourself. Whether it be in full, half or self sponsored.

For sponsorship, you guys can check at this websites,

Here is the fees for foundation studies in UTP,

And for the undergraduate, you can check it here,

6) Attire

Formal, but no need with blazer actually. Appropriate clothing, do not overdress.

Alright, I think that's enough. Last tips for me, you guys can do it. Believe in yourself. Bring calculator. During interview, please be nice and stay humble. Mind your manner and be polite. Clear your mind by saying only great people can enter, yang pandai2 boleh masuk UTP and so on. You are wrong actually. I am not a straight A's person, I am just and ordinary student with big ambitious in myself.

For any enquiries, you can reach me at my email, . Thank you for reading.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Assalammualaikum dan hi semua :)

Maaf la bagi blog ni berhabuk lama tak post hehehe, busy deh. Harap korang paham eh.

By the way, harini Fatin nak share pengalaman tahun lepas, heee dah tahun lepas dah, memori lepas masa foundation dulu. Masa tu utk satu course ( English II ) kitaorang ada assignment utk teknologi yang dulunya dalam filem lama-lama tapi sekarang dah wujud kat dunia. Yang dulunya orang angan-angan sampai buat dalam filem tapi sekarang dah muncul di dunia sebenar. So, kitaorang pilih drone technology which was before in the Back To The Future Part II ( 1989 ).

Apa itu drone? Dalam bahasa Melayu...Fatin tak sure sebenarnya drone ni apa, tapi apa yang Fatin tahu, drone ni satu teknologi dimana ia menggunakan kamera untuk menangkap gambar dalam satu keadaan yang lebih canggih. Yes, it was something that can fly + using camera aid.

Kegunaannya, kalau dalam movie Back To The Future Part II tu, ada tunjuk sebagai CCTV untuk ikut anjing tu kat luar dan satu lagi fungsinya dijadikan sebagai pengganti wartawan untuk interview banduan yang baru keluar dari penjara ( if im not mistaken ).

Kenapa Fatin nk share pengalaman ni kat korang?
Sebab Fatin rasa ni antara salah satu pengalaman yang paling berharga yang tak semua orang boleh dapat. From UTP, we went to the first place, jumpa abang2 yang reka sendiri drone and fly drone diorang which I was really amazed of that. Tak semua orang boleh create their own drone and fly that by themselves. It's like wow!!!!

So creative and innovative right? Basically abang2 tu semua jadikan drone ni as their hobbies when they had their leisure time. Diorang nis semua expert user of drone okay. And mostly diorang semua dah berkerja, dah berkerjaya dan dah berkahwin! Bagus kan diorang?

Some other photos were below this. Enjoy it!

 Okay, first place dah selesai, so we move on to the next destination which was Average Drone.

Pagi kitaorang kat area Shah Alam ( kalau tak silap sebab serius dah lupa sikit2 ), and our next destination was at Setapak. Kitaorang ke kedai yang menjual drones. Kalini kitaorang lihat baaaanyaak drone yang cantik and also have high technology inside there.

So, if korang yang dah berminat untuk memiliki drone boleh la ke blog ini, . Korang boleh dapat drone yang korang inginkan kat situ. They also provide services if in case drone korang mengalami kerosakan ke or jadi something to yours drone. 

Okay, that's all from me. Yes, dah berlalu sangat lama pengalaman ni tapi Fatin nak jugak post sebab this is one of my favourite experiences that ive never had before. From UTP to KL for just completing our survey and gained more knowledges of drones.

Before kata-kata pengutup, Fatin nak share our brochure for this assignments. If additional informations regarding drone korang boleh refer dalam brochure ni okay. 


Okay gais...thank you sebab sudi membaca entry post ni :)


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