Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How To Keep Loving You?

There are several reasons why I love Cho Kyuhyun, and I’m going to make them into a condensed, comprehensive list.
  • Kyuhyun is sweet and kind and has a good heart. Despite having acquired the notorious nickname of “Evil Maknae” Kyuhyun truly is a good, kind, loving friend, brother, and son. When Kyuhyun had earned enough money, he bought a new car, not for himself, but for his mother. When asked who the most beautiful woman in the world is, he answered that it was his sister. He dotes on her and loves her and tells his hyungs daily how wonderful she is, as revealed by Eunhyuk. He gives the credit of being where he is today to his father; he loves him and respects him, and does all he can to make him proud. He also makes his love and gratitude to ELF known on a daily basis. Kyuhyun isn’t a very outwardly affectionate person, so when he puts an arm around one of his members, or hugs them, or grabs their hand, the full weight of the love behind it speaks volumes. And the love each member has for him? That’s not random, that doesn’t happen by chance.
  • Kyuhyun is smart and witty. Brains in a man is hot. Really hot. Extremely hot and attractive. I love analyzing his thoughts and the way he does things and why. He’s so unique but just because we may not always understand what he’s doing, there’s a reason behind it. He always has something to say about everything and I admire that. It takes him awhile to come out of his shell when they’re on shows, but once he does, it’s like you can’t shut him up. And no one wants to shut up him! He lightens the mood with his wit, he doesn’t shove it in people’s faces.  It takes a true genius to master sarcasm without crossing over to the realm of the caustic and Kyu is a true genius. 
  • Kyuhyun is shy and humble. Despite being perfect at everything, being the most attractive man on the planet, and the best human being to ever grace earth, he is still shy. And I believe his shyness comments on his humility. He may be an idol, but he doesn’t let it go to his head, he still has insecurities and he stays grounded. Not to mention how cute and adorable he is when he gets all shy and timid. It’s a rare quality for a national star and hero to have, but he has it and it makes him that much more attractive to me.
  • Kyuhyun has the voice of an angel. Not even kidding. Either he is an angel, he’s channeling one or God gave him the voice of an angel because when that man sings… the world stops its rotation. Everything goes quiet and still. Everyone stops to listen and in that moment, nothing else matters. It resonates, hours after hearing him sing. That sublime feeling. He can sing a variety, and I think that’s important, too. Whether he’s rapping in Hot Times, or sliding gracefully and sensually up and down the bars of Smile, I stand in awe of his vocal chords. And he sings so effortlessly. It’s second nature to him.. maybe even first nature. If he wasn’t so good with words, I’d say it was definitely his first nature. Maybe they can be tied. It’s an amazing that something that brings him so much joy, can bring us so much joy as well. We can just conclude that his singing is just the greatest thing ever to be brought into the world. 
  • Let’s face it, Kyuhyun is gorgeous. The expression “God doesn’t give with both hands” ends with Kyuhyun. God not only gave to this man with both hands, but with everything he had. He created the closest thing to perfect he could muster. We get to gaze upon beauty whilst listening to beauty at the same time? Forreal? I will never be able to fathom it. The one drawback to his beauty is that I now have little memory left on my computer because pictures of him are taking it all up. A small price to pay <3 AND HE’S REALLY TALL AND I’M TALL SO I LOVE THAT.
  • Kyuhyun is married to Zhou Mi that one speaks for itself, I think. ^_^

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